Songbird Protection Coalition

Michigan's Official Bird of Peace

House Resolution 244 Journal of the House No. 30, March 25, 1998

Reps. Profit, Kuku, LaForge, Raczkowski, Hale, Prusi, Cherry, Scott, Kelly, Murphy, Wojno, Voorhees, Vaughn, Anthony, Godchaux, Schroer, Brater, Parks, Jansen, Wallace and Varge offered the following resolution:

A resolution recognizing the mourning dove, Zenaida Macroura, as the Michigan Bird of Peace.
Whereas, The mourning dove is an American bird known for its sad, cooing call.  Its grayish-brown feathers and long tapering tail are widely recognized in Michigan, as is its soft and mournful sound.  The mourning dove, or Zenaida Macroura as it is known in the scientific realm, is a peaceful songbird; and
Whereas, The day of the mourning dove begins early in the morning when it begins to look for food and water.  The doves then rest during part of the afternoon, seek more food and water, and before nightfall, return to their nests built loosely of twigs in a tree or bush or on the ground.  Many scientists believe that a male and female mourning dove mate with each other for life.  Bird watchers will note that mourning doves are often found in pairs and, as parents, the doves are both responsible for feeding the young, called squabs, which are born blind and almost featherless; and
Whereas, The dove has traditionally symbolized peace.  It is often depicted with an olive branch in its beak. Mourning doves do not eat olive branches, but do, however, feed on weed seeds and insects. It is a peaceful bird which will swiftly fly from conflict on strong wings that make a whistling sound as they move through the air.  The mourning dove plays a quiet, but vital role in the fragile and beautiful ecosystem that is the Michigan water wonderland; now,
therefore, be it
Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the mourning dove, Zenaida Macroura, be known throughout the state as the Michigan Bird of Peace.
Pending the reference of the resolution to a committee,
Rep. Gagliardi moved that Rule 77 be suspended and the resolution be considered at this time.
The motion prevailed, 3/5 of the members present voting therefore.
The question being on the adoption of the resolution,
The resolution was adopted, a majority of the members serving voting therefore.

House Journal 30