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2-1-23  MLive - MI Bald Eagles are Dying of Lead Poisoning

10-11-21  MAS Blog Online Petition - Please Sign

3-3-21  UPNorthLive: Resolution to have Sandhill crane hunting draws controversy

3-3-21  Senate Natural Resources Committee hearing SR 20

3-2-21  BridgeMI: Should Michigan hunt wolves, cranes, moose? Republican lawmakers think so

3-1-21  Songbird Protection Coalition Press Release: Keep cranes protected as non-game species

3-1-21  International Crane Foundation: Opposes SR 20

3-1-21  Michigan Audubon Society: Opposes SR 20

2-27-21  Michigan Audubon Society: Action Alert: Protect Sandhill Cranes by Urging NO on SR 20

2-27-21  Michigan Audubon Society: Why the Sandhill Crane is Not a Suitable Game Species Download PDF here

2021 Michigan Senate Docs Senate Resolution 20 and 2010-2020 FWS Fall Survey Graph

​2-24-21  Coalition Letter Opposing SR 15 - Change Wolves from Protected Species to Game Species

2-21-21  New Scientist: Genetics leave little doubt humans wiped out Passenger Pigeons

4-27-19  Michigan Radio: Sandhill crane hunting resolutions introduced in Michigan Legislature

4-10-19  MLIVE: Sandhill crane hunting season to be considered

4-9-19  Michigan Audubon: Opposes SR30- and HR61 - Proposals to designate the Sandhill cranes as a game species in Michigan

​2019 Michigan Legislature Docs Senate Resolution 30  and  House Resolution 61

6-13-18  Macomb Daily: Detroit Zoo takes in two Sandhill cranes, opposes hunting of the birds

6-13-18  Detroit Zoological Society Press Release: Detroit Zoological Society Provides Sanctuary for Two Sandhill Cranes

5-7-18  CBS News: Jane Goodall on Sandhill cranes

4-11-18  DET News: Opponents head to the Capitol 

2-23-18  Bill Ballenger Podcats: Ribeye in the sky

2-14-18  Port Huron Times: Sandhill crane hunt backers spreading lies

2-9-18  Cadillac News: Leave Sandhill Cranes Alone

1-2-18  Detroit Free Press: Feds: If Michigan asks for a sandhill crane hunt, we'll grant it

12-12-17  Detroit Free Press: Crying waterfowl: DNR's, lawmaker's actions questioned in push for sandhill crane hunt

12-11-17  SPC Press Release: FOIA’d correspondence shows that Michigan DNR trumped up demand for recreational sandhill crane hunt

12-9-17  NBC Saginaw Channel 25: Sandhill crane hunting proposed, opponents speak out

12-1-17  The Green Room: Should sandhill cranes be fair game?

11-16-16  Lansing State Journal: Baker: Stick with the facts regarding sandhill cranes

11-12-17  The Mourning Sun: Mid-Michigan bird sanctuary owners oppose possible sandhill crane hunt

11-12-17  Katu 2: Researchers find bird watching is good for your health, reduces stress

10-30-17  Michigan Audubon Society: Frequently Asked Questions

10-30-17  Length of the Grand: Cranes are not for hunting (at least not in Michigan)

10-23-17  Port Huron Times Herald: Talk of crane hunt is premature, unnecessary

10-22-17  RTV ABC Channel 6: Thousands of sandhill cranes headed for Indiana

10-21-17  Inquisitr: Research indicates that Michigan's House Resolution to hunt Sandhill cranes is premature

10-20-17  Michigan Audubon Society: state's oldest conservation organization opposes proposal to hunt Sandhill Cranes

10-18-17  Detroit Free Press: ''Ribeye of the sky?' House recommends sandhill crane hunt in Michigan

10-18-17  MLive: State Rep calls Sandhill cranes 'ribeye of the sky' and proposes hunting season

10-17-17  Jackson Audubon Newsletter: Whooping crane 14-12 returns to Michigan

10-14-17  Ironwood Globe: Michigan birdwatchers celebrate sandhill cranes

10-10-17  Songbird Protection Coalition Press Release: 23rd annual CraneFest in Bellevue, celebrating sandhill cranes

10-10-17  Michigan House Committee Meeting: HR 154

10-5-17  Green Party: Michigan Greens oppose push for Sandhill crane hunting

10-4-17  Michigan House Committee Meeting: HR 154

9-21-17  Songbird Protection Coalition Press Release:  Michigan Songbird Protection Coalition opposes proposal to hunt sandhill cranes

9-8-17  Birdwatching Daily:  Report: 86 million Americans watched wildlife in 2016, a 20 percent jump from 2011

9-7-17  Clarkston News:  Bird Talk

9-1-17  USFWS: 2016 National Fishing, Hunting, Wildlife-Associated Recreation Survey

7-30-17  Baker: There's no good reason to shoot mourning doves and sandhill cranes

7-26-17  Detroit News: Crane Colt lifted into Celebrate Michigan contest final

7-2-17  WMUK:  Should doves and cranes be hunted

6-30-17  Michigan Audubon Society:  Michigan Audubon Opposes Proposal for Mourning Dove Hunt

6-30-17  Michigan Audubon Society:  Michigan Audubon Opposes Proposal for Sandhill Crane Hunt

6-29-17  Detroit Audubon Society:  Don't hunt Michigan songbirds by James Bull, DAS President 

6-27-17  Detroit Free Press:  Despite pushback, Michigan hunters take aim at cranes and mourning doves

6-26-17  Songbird Protection Coalition Press Release:  MI SPC opposes proposals to hunt mourning doves and sandhill cranes

2-14-17  Great Lakes Echo:  Hunting WI sandhill cranes could threaten their diversity, survival

12-29-16  Lansing State Journal Editorial:  Bill ignores voters

4-30-15  MLive:  Rare whooping crane spotted in SW MI​

​​8-2-13 The Life of Your Time:  Endangered Whooping Crane with more common Sandhill Cranes

11-9-11 Eye On Wildlife:  The rarest bird in North America here in Michigan

11-8-06  Committee to Keep Doves Protected Press Release:  Election Night "Coo"- Doves Top Vote-Getter​

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