Songbird Protection Coalition

Bird Of Peace

Dove shooting proponents feel threatened by the values of symbolism. Those who would target this designated songbird in Michigan can't argue culture or tradition -- and millions of Americans send Christmas cards each year featuring doves as the icon of peace.

Established throughout human "history, biology, and culture, the mourning dove inherited the stature of bird of peace and love that originated thousands of years ago" - around 4500 bc (Johnson 1990). Most Americans do not distinguish between New World doves and Old World doves and the cultural symbolism is as prevalent today as it was centuries ago. As late as 1955, even federal and state hunting regulations used the term 'mourning dove' synonymously with 'turtle dove.' (1)

"Of all of the birds of The Bible, doves around the world are known as the bird of peace. There are numerous references to doves in The Bible, both literal and symbolic (2)." While these little birds have been "historically important in both Protestant and Catholic religions," native Columbbids occupy "a prominent and generally revered position" in most cultures and religions (1).

Protected since 1905, Michigan citizens are deeply connected to the mourning dove as a Symbol of Peace...and they are willing to fight for that symbol to REMAIN protected in Michigan for another century.

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